Larruzz Bilbao Restaurant
specialized in rice

Origin | Since 2002

Larruzz is a word of Nasrid origin, from the 15th century and one of the first names with which rice was known in the Iberian Peninsula. It could not be otherwise… this name captivated us.

Did you know that…? Paella emerged in the rural areas of Valencia between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, due to the need of peasants and shepherds for a meal that was easy to prepare and with the ingredients they had on hand in the countryside. They always ate it in the afternoon.

Our beginnings in this location and as a restaurant were under the name Tapelia in 2002. We always knew that we were a restaurant in Bilbao specialized in rice, with a non-stop cuisine for locals and travelers who visit us, with the idea of “eating a good rice in Bilbao”.

People from here and there who let themselves be surprised by a traditional cuisine with Mediterranean flair that goes far beyond paella rice dishes.

Rice masters

Larruzz has a wide variety of rice dishes as a result of our passion for Mediterranean food. Mediterranean food and is distinguished by a seasonal, healthy and balanced proposal.
Larruzz’s menu includes: tuna belly, cod, turbot, hake, eggplant involtinis, sirloin steak, Iberian secret, duck breast escalopes, croquettes, salads, lasagna, mussels, octopus, death by chocolate and also homemade desserts, gluten free dishes, vegetarian options and children’s menu.
Come and let yourself be captivated by this cuisine that bets on healthy ingredients and praises tradition.

Feeling at home

In your visit to Larruzz you will find a team committed to make your experience here a great one.
Tradition, simplicity, quality, local products and the Mediterranean essence define us. Always looking forward to offer you an experience that goes from day to night. Snacking on the terrace, menu of the day, special menus such as the ArroZZero, BilboZZ o BiZZkaino and a proposed dinner menu with delicious alternatives to rice.

An environment that will captivate you

In this gastronomic destination that is the Basque Country and specifically Bilbao, culture, sports and our history could not be missing. In Bilbao, everything is close and you can walk from one end to the other.
Enjoying Larruzz is also enjoying an environment that adds up.

In the middle of Paseo de Uribitarte, on the banks of the estuary, a few meters from the restaurant is the sculpture of Las Sirgueras, a tribute to the women who towed boats along the shore of the estuary with the only help of a towrope and their own physical strength.

Next to Las Sirgueras, the Zubi Zuri bridge, that if we cross it in a few minutes we arrive at the Artxanda Funicular. From the Artxanda viewpoint you will be assured of the best views of the entire city of Bilbao.

The centers of knowledge and culture near Larruzz

The University of Deusto located on Avenida de las Universidades, on the right bank of the estuary, the CRAI building (University of Deusto Library) and the museums Guggenheim Museum y Fine Arts.

Extending our walk we can arrive in a few minutes at The Cathedral (San Mamés) Athletic’s stadium and visit its magnificent museum. You will discover a legendary club with a unique philosophy and values in the world of sport, through a reference collection with original pieces of all times, a feeling that transcends soccer.

The City Hall of Bilbao, the Arenal, the Casco Viejo with its seven streets will take you into the historical heart of the city.

Larruzz Curiosities

We like to share moments and here in the North they are always around a table.

Our tables

Our tables are an example of our commitment to nature, sustainability, origins and quality… which combine perfectly with our Mediterranean cuisine.

Cedar wood from the Pyrenees, from the French Basque Country, from a 100 year old trunk that once felled remained in a sawmill in Gipuzkoa until 2021… this is the origin of our new Larruzz tables… all of them handcrafted from this trunk that comes from a sustainable forest (for each tree felled, another of the same species is replanted).

The best conversations always take place around a table and if it is natural and has a history…creativity and emotion flow.

… and our chairs

On the backs of each chair you will find the names of some of the personalities that have visited us since 2002… Writers, actors, actresses, soccer players, journalists, singers, musicians… Michael “Flea” Balzary (28 June 2007) of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Iñaki and Nico Williams, Millán Salcedo, Buenafuente, Carmen Machi, Carmelo Gómez, Pablo Carbonell, Berto Romero, Juan Muñoz, Rosa López, Manuel Carrasco and many others.

Discover them on your next visit.

Q mark for Tourism Quality and Distinctive Code of Ethics

Since 2010, we have had this prestigious Spanish brand for the voluntary certification of tourism services, granted by the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality.

We meet the technical requirements and have implemented a management system oriented towards customer service and continuous improvement.

In 2012 we were also awarded the Seal of Commitment to Tourism Quality.

In addition, since 2017 we have been part of Basquetour’s Family Tourism project.

In 2021 we obtained the Ethical Code Distinctive, recognition of the commitment acquired in 2020/21 with the Ethical Code of Tourism in the Basque Country, an initiative of Eusko Jaurlaritza and Basquetour for responsible tourism.