Enjoy the best rice to take away. Larruzz continues with its take away service, take away food with the essence of this Mediterranean cuisine.
Paellas at the click of a mouse. In Larruzz, we have enabled the online order on our website so that you can order your favorite paella in a quick and easy way.
If you need to improvise a meal or you want to make a special celebration at home, enjoy the soccer match of your team with your friends or family, maybe watch your favourite movie … you can do it with a freshly made paella. Just visit our website!. We are just a click away. We are just a click away.
But, if you prefer you can make your order of paella, “fideuás” and melow rice and “arroz en caldero”, call us at 944 23 08 20.

Take away food proposals

Our paella rice dishes include the classic Abanda rice, the traditional black rice, rice with cuttlefish and clams, Alicante rice (with chicken and prawns), rice with seafood, vegetable rice, and of course, our honeyed rice dishes such as deer with mushrooms or rice with mushrooms and cheese, “fideuás” and “arroz en caldero”. “Arroz en caldero” is a typical seafood dish and strongly rooted in Mediterranean cuisine and unlike paella and rice pudding, it is a dish that is eaten with a spoon.
Rice in a paella pan or in convenient containers to enjoy at home a traditional cuisine that pampers the product and that bets on healthy ingredients and the Mediterranean essence that defines us.

Our intention is to make it easier for our customers to enjoy our cuisine at home, at work, in a txoko or anywhere else.
Our “Take-away” proposal is completed with the dishes of our seasonal menu. If you would like to enjoy at home these dishes from the menú (beyond rice dishes), and menu of the day, call us at 00 34 944 23 08 20 and you Will be able to make your order and pick it up here in Larruzz. Our ordering hours are
of the restaurant except Saturdays and Sundays when we do not attend orders from 14:00h to 16:00h.
Our dishes are always delivered to the customer in a container suitable for transport, ready to enjoy freshly prepared.
Here or at home… have your Larruzz moment!