Enjoying gastronomy in gluten-free restaurants in Bilbao is possible.

Larruzz is delighted to offer a gluten-free dining experience, catering to individuals with intolerances or those opting for a gluten-free diet, while ensuring delicious and healthy meals.

Our restaurant provides a welcoming atmosphere for you to enjoy Larruzz’s specialties alongside your partner, family, friends, or colleagues.

Enjoy the extensive gluten-free Larruzz cuisine in Bilbao

Certified by the Celiac Association of Euskadi, we strictly adhere to protocols to prevent cross-contamination, guaranteeing the safety of our gluten-free options. We are gluten-free restaurants in Bilbao.

All dishes highlighted with an asterisk on our menu, both online and at home, can be customized to be gluten-free.

Renowned for our expertise in Mediterranean cuisine and rice dishes, we offer a wide selection of gluten-free options suitable for individuals with celiac disease. From classic and gourmet salads to cod mojete, beef carpaccio, fried squid, baked potatoes with broken egg, and our rice paella, as well as sea and mountain proposals, there’s something to tantalize every palate.

Relax on our terrace while looking at the estuary while indulging in delicious gluten-free snacks, or if you prefer we can prepare take away meals to enjoy Larruzz’s culinary delights in the comfort of your home.

Our primary goal? Is to ensure you have a gastronomic experience with no limits.

Our team is always available to address any questions you may have regarding the ingredients used in each dish.
Savor the essence of Larruzz’s cuisine with peace of mind, knowing that your dietary needs are our top priority.