Dining in Bilbao with Mediterranean essence

It is clear that customs have changed, late hours, schedules, but it is still a must to have dinner to close the work day or end a day of sightseeing in the city.

Dining in Bilbao is not the same as eating. The atmosphere, the food and the space can be key elements to choose a place to start the night.

Dinning out to enjoy, becomes a time to savor the tranquility, enjoy the gastronomy and share moments with the person or people with whom we want to extend the after-dinner conversation.
In Larruzz we take care of those moments in detail to make you feel at home.

Larruzz´s Menu

We always aim to offer you an experience with our special menus ArroZZero, BilboZZ or BiZZkaino and proposals for dinner with delicious alternatives to rice.

In Larruzz´s Menu there is no shortage of: tuna belly, cod, turbot, hake, eggplant involtinis, sirloin, Iberian secret, duck breast escalopes, croquettes, salads, lasagna, mussels, octopus, death by chocolate and also homemade desserts, gluten free dishes, vegetarian options and children’s menu. In short, a cuisine that focuses on healthy ingredients and extols tradition.

Choose time for dinner

From Monday to Thursday our dinner service starts at 20:30 hours, and on weekends we have a non stop kitchen so you can choose the time that best suits your plans. Families with children and foreigners who visit us usually prefer to dine early, couples or groups, however, like a little poteo before coming to dinner. Whatever your plan is, you will find in Larruzz a wide schedule to make your dinner in Bilbao special.

In our restaurant, which also includes a covered terrace, you can also enjoy the views near the estuary and the Uribitarte promenade, an environment with the proximity of the Guggenheim Museum that captivates.

Make dining in Bilbao an experience with Mediterranean essence. Taste Larruzz.