From North to South, from East to West… one thing in common is that we are passionate about outdoor social activities and terracing is one of our favorite hobbies.

Going to terraces in Bilbao with Mediterranean essence

Going to terraces is a deeply rooted custom in our way of life and we practice it with absolute devotion.

We propose an urban terracing here in Bilbao that will captivate you for the views and of course, for our gastronomy of Mediterranean essence and fusion with the traditional Basque cuisine.

Noons and sunsets that you can enjoy in any season of the year, because here in Larruzz we have a new terrace space covered with awning and surrounded by windows so you do not miss the views in this Uribitarte Pier, between the Guggenheim Museum and the Arenal.

A terrace has become essential

A terrace has become essential no matter what month of the year you are in, because enjoying a drink and a snack outdoors is a moment that is more valued than ever and that you like to share.

We are talking about moments before lunch or dinner, a small oasis of freedom and relaxation in the center of the city.

The day has been a little stressful?

Nothing that cannot be solved in a little terrace. Disconnection, conversation and a delicious appetizer or snack with Larruzz seal for that moment of relaxation and well-being.

Between blankets and heaters strategically placed, you can enjoy our terrace space also in autumn and winter season. Each season has its textures and colors, its scents and aromas, its seasonal terracing.

In our snacking proposal we offer traditional fried squid and baby squid, rice tapa, Galician octopus, potatoes with brava sauce and ali oli, goat cheese, Iberian acorn-fed shoulder, croquettes and a selection of desserts … a sweet and savory for this time of terraces that you can not miss. Shall we continue or do you already join our Mediterranean terraces?

Choose your Larruzz moment.